Application Types

About Platforms

Momentum supports multiple types of applications and it does so via the “platform” paradigm. Inside of the main.ts file, the platform bootstraps a root module via the bootstrapModule() method to start the application according to its designated behaviors outlined in the following sections.

Console Applications

Momentum can be used to build powerful console applications by leveraging platformMomentum.

import { CliModule } from "./cli/cli.module.ts";
import { CliService } from "./cli/cli.service.ts";
import { platformMomentum } from "./deps.ts";

// Bootstrap the module and build the dependency tree
const platform = await platformMomentum().bootstrapModule(CliModule);

// Resolve a service to do work
const program = await platform.resolve<CliService>(CliService);

// Do work

Web Applications

Momentum can be used as a scalable web application framework by leveraging the Oak platform. Oak is a middleware HTTP framework akin to Express and Koa in NodeJS. Momentum wraps the Oak request pipeline and makes it easy to build a dependency injection-supported server-side web application, such as a REST APIs or MVC applications.

import { AppModule } from "./app.module.ts";
import { platformOak } from "./deps.ts";

const platform = await platformOak().bootstrapModule(AppModule);

const port = parseInt(Deno.env.get("PORT") ?? "3000");

await platform.listen({ port });

Customizing the Oak Application and Router

platformOak() when given no parameters creates a default instantiation of both Application and Router from the Oak module. It is possible to create your own instantiation of these classes and pass them into platformOak(). For example, you can add custom event listeners by creating a new Application and calling addEventListener().

import { Application } from "";
import { Router } from "";
import { platformOak } from "./deps.ts";
import { AppModule } from "./app.module.ts";

const app = new Application();
const router = new Router();

app.addEventListener("listen", ({ hostname, port, secure }) => {
    `Listening on `,
    secure ? "https://" : "http://",
    hostname ?? "localhost",

const platform = await platformOak(app, router).bootstrapModule(AppModule);

const port = parseInt(Deno.env.get("PORT") ?? "3000");
await platform.listen({ port });
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